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    middle name for stella

    I need a middle name for Stella (my current fave for a girl). I was thinking of
    Stella Rhiann (REE-ahn). What do you think? Suggestions?

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    Re: middle name for stella

    I think Stella Rhiann is beautiful! Other suggestions, if you want them (but feel free to ignore since you have a winner already!):

    Stella Hope
    Stella Clarise
    Stella Renee
    Stella Nadine
    Stella Lianne
    Stella Rochelle

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    Re: middle name for stella

    Stella Rhiann is very nice. I also like Stella Rhiannon.

    Let see -

    Stella Dean - a boys name but the first that came to my mind.
    Stella Genevieve
    Stella Henley
    Stella Isadora - double "a" ending hmmm.
    Stella Juniper
    Stella Julianne
    Stella Jolene
    Stella Jolie
    Stella Kinsley
    Stella Laurette
    Stella Landry
    Stella Maureen
    Stella Nadine
    Stella Rhys
    Stella Trilby
    Stella Waverly

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    Re: middle name for stella

    I agree with Disa - Stella Rhiannon is really cute.
    Also love Stella Dore (door-AY) I don't see Dore on Nameberry, but I think it's a name. Has anyone ever heard of it? I think it's a restaurant in Santa Barbara, a French restaurant that is really good.

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