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    Lightbulb Christian names (not biblical names)

    Hi, everyone! I have a challenge for you. I am always on the lookout for names that honor my Christian faith, but most of them on my list are from the bible. Can anyone help me think of some Christian themed names that are not biblical names?

    For example:


    Liberty (because Jesus came to set us free)
    Eliana (Hebrew name meaning "God has answered")
    Eliza (different than the traditional Elizabeth)

    Justice (since God is Just)

    I'm open to any suggestions! I like a variety of names ranging from classic to trendy, unisex names to ultra-feminine or manly names, word and place names, and quirky unusual names.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for the suggestion! I like all 3. I am looking for more unconventional choices, too.

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    I like Joy. Serenity is a pretty one I hadn't thought of.

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