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    We always did Santa, but none of us took it seriously.

    We're not Christian, but so many of the things Christians do at Christmas was taken from the original pagan celebrations anyway (such as the tree, the fire, gift giving (which is just for pagans of course), the Red and Green colors, holly, mistletoe, wreaths, etc.) and the date itself was taken by a pope from pagan celebrations, so we're going to do everything the same. Besides that, some scholars even believe Santa was taken as a mixture of Odin and St. Nicholas (as they share a lot of physical properties and whatnot). It's just going to be Yule to us and if we decide to do Santa, we're going to approach it like my parents did, as a sort of game. Santa was never real to me (and it never bothered me that my friends believed in him, my mom just said that some people did and to keep it secret). Of course, the spirit that Santa embodies is something we want to teach our kids, but Santa is just not something I think we need to lie to our children about and then have to explain later. There's plenty of other ways for children to be filled with wonder (natural ways) and they don't need silly lies for it.

    Hope that doesn't offend anyone. If anyone is offended, I'm sorry, and I'd be happy to elaborate on the Pagan origins of Christmas if anyone is offended or has questions.
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    We do a secular Christmas filled with Santa, family, cookies, and cheer. It's just like regular Christmas, but without the religious aspect.

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    I'm Catholic and we plan not to do Santa. Christmas to me is much more than just Santa. It's Jesus's Birthday and he is the real meaning of Christmas. We plan on just being honest with our children if they ask and find some way to let them know that other kids want to believe and therefore to keep it a secret that Santa isn't "real."

    Santa is just too superficial/commercial and there is a lot more to Christmas than a jolly man. There's decorating the tree, baking cookies, donating toys/gifts to those in need, advent, seeing holiday lights, etc!

    I just want to point out that being Christian doesn't mean you have Santa. There really is no religious aspect to Santa other than St. Nick. For the most part everything is just "fairy tale" Magical elves, he lives at the north pole, flying reindeer? He might have once been part of Christianity, but I wouldn't consider him to be anymore.
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    Dabtea; you are spot on, this is being thought in Norway from an early age (and it's a christian nation).
    I'm raised protestant with a little jewishness, now I'm jewish living with a catholic. We think Father Christmas, as we call him here, is a cute story, but we won't make our kids believe in him. There are some great stories with Father Christmas (or Julenisssen as he is known in Norway), and we will read those to our kids. But if they ask if he's real, I'll be honest with them (as with everything else).
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    I'm also a Catholic but Christmas has always been less about religion and more about family, friends, fun, food and happiness to me. My brother and I went to a Catholic school so we were in nativity plays every year etc but Father Christmas/St Nicholas was always talked about too. At home and at school we were taught about Jesus' birth (though told that he was more than likely born in the summer instead ) AND about the origins of the pagan festival that was originally on December 25th.

    I like celebrating random holidays from other religions too (e.g Diwali) and when I have kids I'd like to do the same thing with them. There're so many interesting and fun holidays that take place over November/December and I think it's a great way to learn about other cultures and traditions.

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