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    Wink Narrowed down names for my future princess!

    Elwyn Story Johnston
    or Elowyn Story Johnston
    Winter Twyla Johnston
    or Twyla Winter Johnston
    Bronwyn Harper

    Can't make a final decision! How do you like the names? any critics out there!? Yes I love w's and y's lol

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    Your names are so whimsical! I really like Elowen (this spelling, though you don't have it on the list, or Elowyn if you really want the y), and Twyla. I'm afraid a person would get tired of Winter as a first name during the spring/summer seasons, so I would tuck it in the middle, personally. Twyla Winter is really pretty. As for Elowyn, I think having the O in there makes it sound more musical. Bronwyn is not my style, and sounds a bit masculine to me.

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    P.S. Welcome to Nameberry.

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    Thank you And now that you say the O in Elowyn makes it more musical I can really appreciate this name more, thanks!

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    Oh man, I adore Winter, but I think Elowyn Story has the edge for me. It's very musical and I love that!
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