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    Help with pairing brother and sister names

    My husband and I find out the sex of our baby next week. We are decided on a boy name already but having some second thoughts on a girl name. Reason being is we worry it won't go well with the boy name (if we decide to have another and end up with a girl and boy in the future). Our boy name is Dwyer Steadman. I know it's a crazy name but we love it and it represents both sides of our family.

    My husband and I really like Aurelia for a girl. And would use Giordano as the middle name (my maiden name). But I'm starting to have second thoughts, wondering if it doesn't go with Dwyer. Is that even a big deal though - brother/sister names sounding well together? I'm starting to like Vivian and it's also my great aunt's name. My husband likes it but is still really stuck on Aurelia.


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