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    First name for Alphonse

    First time poster here! DH and I absolutely adore Alphonse but have decided it would be best placed as a mn. Do any of you berries have ideas for a fn for Alphonse? Our last name is very generic and goes with anything. We like names that are related to literature, history, science, and science fiction. We proudly classify ourselves in the nerd category.

    So far all we have is

    Vaughn Alphonse
    Alexander Alphonse
    Maximus Alphonse
    Calvin Alphonse

    And I'm not really happy with any of those! Thank you for your help

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    Hey lady nice to see you coming out of lurkerdom!!!

    I loved the suggestion of Wesley though of course the spelling Westley would be fan-freakin-tastic for its relationship to The Princess Bride!

    I also love Byron Alphonse. Of course Lord Byron is my favorite poet of all time but it really flows beautifully, I think, with Alphonse.

    Peter Alphonse is great as well and has the whole Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe connection.

    It's too bad Tristan is taken. I thought Tristan Alphonse sounded surprisingly good together.

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    So is it safe for me to assume that you're an FMA fan? (; if so, how about:
    Elric Alphonse
    Edward Alphonse
    If not, how about these:
    Liam Alphonse
    George Alphonse
    Callum Alphonse
    Crushes: Casper & Isobel.

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    Micsha: Thank you for the huge list! I see quite a few names on there that we could use. Will see what the hubby says.

    thelifespark: As you know, I love Westley and really wish we could use Tristan. Maybe we could find another form.

    lovejaybayy: You've found me out! Hubster and I love FMA. More than that, we love his brother and their relationship is so much like Edward and Alphonse's relationship. Instead of using his brother's nice but overused name, we thought we'd use Alphonse for two associations in one. It's the only boy name we can agree on. Edward is too closely associated with Twilight right now, sadly, but I have considered Elric and Liam is definitely on my list.

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