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    Little help for the future :)

    Hi everyone! I'm not expecting but i already have my name lists full, ha ha. Poor future husband, he will have no chance . Anyway i would like to have your opinions on some of my name combinations for girls (i will post the boy list in the boy names area). Which do you like the most and the least? Also, feel free to come with some suggestions

    Daphne Rosa. Daphne has been my favorite name for a long time, and Rosa is a quite unusal name were i'm living (Sweden). Though i'm not quite sure if the combination sounds right, though i love it dearly.

    Stella Ingrid. Stella is another favorite name of mine, though it's getting too popular for my taste. And Ingrid is my mothers name

    Mia Elenora. Mia is a runner up on my list, and i'm quite surprised that i like it so much. Elenora is a very pretty name. Maybe i should use it as a first name instead?

    Evelina Mary. Evelina is another favorite of mine and Mary was my great grandmothers name.

    Nolina Victoria. I stumbled upon Nolina in a book and i immediatly fell in love with it. And Victoria just fits well.

    So go ahed and help a fellow nameberry out, will you?
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    You probably won't see this, sorry!

    Daphne Rosa-- I love Daphne, and Rosa is quite pretty too, but they don't really go together IMO. What about Daphne Rae, Lou, or Ana?

    Stella Ingrid-- I am not the biggest fan of Stella, but LOVE Estelle or Estella. Estella Ingrid sounds very nice to me Also, Ingrid is pretty.

    Mia Elenora-- Cute, but I like Mia Eleanor better because Mia Elenora both end with 'A'

    Evelina Mary-- Beautiful. LOVE.

    Nolina Victoria-- Not my favorite. Nolina is alright, and so is Victoria (even though I dislike Vicki and Tori A LOT). What about Elena Victoria or Nolina Josephine?

    I hope this helps!
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    Daphne Rosa. - It doesn't really flow, in my opinion, and it's nms. But it has a distinctive quality. I like that the combination is unexpected. I think that it has a timeless quality, it won't seem outdated in ten years.

    Stella Ingrid. - To me this is very elegant, very timeless. There is a nuance of old Hollywood glamour in this name.

    Mia Elenora. It flows well. Mia is a cute name for a little girl and it has a lot of character, and Elenora is sophisticated and beautiful.

    Evelina Mary. I like this a lot. I rarely see Evelina here in the states. Great name! I really like that you have a family honor name here too.

    Nolina Victoria. I love this! Really great flow, really unique and distinctive sound. Nolina should be easy to pronounce in a lot of places but beware that because it's a bit unusual then people will have to have it repeated aloud. It is sweet enough for a little girl but strong enough for a grown woman.

    Other suggestions: Daphne Maria or Daphne Mireya. Estelle Ingrid. Elenora Daphne.
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    Daphne Rosa: hmm it's interesting. I'm not really a fan of either names but I'll admit, it has a cute ring to it. Maybe just Daphne Rose?

    Stella Ingrid: I can picture this on like a 40's movie star, which isn't a bad thing lol. This is probably my favorite of your choices.

    Mia Elenora: too much of an "uh" sound at the ends. All I see is "Me-UH" "Elnore-UH". Maybe Mia Eleanor? Eleanor Mary? Elenora Mary?

    Evelina Mary: I can't figure out how to say the first name :/ I keep stumbling over it. "Evel-ina"?

    Nolina Victoria: same with Mia Elenora..with the ending sound.
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    Wow, all these combinations are really lovely! My favourite would be Stella Ingrid, because of it's sweet spunkiness. My least favourite would be Nolina Victoria, but only because I've never heard Nolina before (give me a couple hours and I will warm to it, haha. ) Daphne Rosa, Mia Elenora & Evelina Mary are beautiful too.

    A name I'd like to suggest, if Stella is getting too popular for you, is Stellina. Stellina Ingrid sounds fantastic!
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