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    Aurelia is one of those names I wish I loved, but I don't. It's very pretty it's just not for me.

    And it's the name of the beautiful portuguese housekeeper-girl who falls in love with Colin Firth in Love Actually.
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    I like it a lot. I wish I could use more than one Ari name, because I would love to use more than one! I slightly prefer Arianne and Aurora to Aurelia, and even then I slightly prefer the French Aurelie to the more Italian Aurelia, but I do really love Aurelia, too! I sort of like the idea of Aurelia Fleur.

    I love the nn Ari for it, but I think Rae and Lia are cute, too.
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    Aurelia is very Spanish-language telenovela to me. She's usually the mother of the antagonist or a maid with a secondary story line. I think that's why I can't like it. There's nothing wrong with the name. It's pretty, but I just can't like it.

    I think Lia or Reli are cute nn.

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    I really like Aurelia, and I've never met anyone with that name. It's very soft, romantic, and floaty. For nicknames, I like Ari, Lia, Relia, and Aura.

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    I absolutely adore that name. I nearly named one of my daughters that. However, my sister "got to it" first and named her daughter that. It is so beautiful. She is four now and we call her Aurelia, but she has older brothers and tends to be a bit of a tomboy around them, therefore she has a nickname Rory. Absolutely an amazing name. Go for it.
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