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    Red face Middle name for Callum?

    My biggest must for a baby name is that it be IRISH! I have trouble finding some that aren't tremendously popular or tremendously hard to spell/pronounce. I fell in love with Callum (nn Cal) and think it fits with our other children's names perfectly. Not pregnant yet, TTC, but my husband and I never see eye to eye on names so I need as much time to reel him in as possible. He's not set on Callum, but I think I can get him there. The name I had in mind was Callum Robert (honors a family member, but that's not a requirement). He likes some more out of the box names all the sudden, one of them being Jagger (I don't know where this came from)... so I also toyed with the idea of choosing Callum Jagger- maybe making it more appealing to him?

    What do you think of either name, Callum Robert or Callum Jagger?

    And any other suggestions that you think might make hubby happy are welcome... middle name does not have to be Irish since first name is very much so. Thanks

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    Callum Robert is handsome, Callum Jagger is not to me.

    How about these? Would your husband like any of them? I'll suggest some "cool" names your husband may like:

    Callum Jasper
    Callum Felix
    Callum Rhys
    Callum Vaughn
    Callum Jude
    Callum Grey
    Callum Blaise
    Callum West
    Callum Drake
    Callum Axel
    Callum Fox
    Callum Justice
    Callum Zane
    Callum Reed

    And some for you:

    Callum Nathaniel
    Callum Benjamin
    Callum Trevor
    Callum Richard
    Callum George -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I like Callum Jagger, it would be nice if you picked the first name (Callum) and he picked the middle name (Jagger). What about Callum Rhys? It's my nephews name, I think it's adorable.
    All the best,

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    I like Callum Robert, and it's nice to have a family name. I also like the idea of Callum Phoenix- it's the two birds, Callum-"dove," the bird of peace, and phoenix, the bird of rebirth. I think that's pretty cool, and subtle enough to use.
    If you like Robert to honor a family member (which I think is a great idea) maybe you'd like a related name:
    Hopkins-really is derived from Robert!
    Hob-maybe too close to Calvin & Hobbs?
    Robin-again with the bird theme
    Hopcyn- Welsh form
    Roibeard- Irish form, not a clue how to pronounce it

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