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Thread: Edith?

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    My husband and I took a walk this weekend and were checking out some of the grave stones in a small family graveyard in a nearby park, and we came across the name Edith Mae. I think it was instant love for both of us. And we adore Edie.

    We still don't know if we are having a boy or a girl, but this may be the name, if baby is a girl. What do you think?

    Any other mns for Edith? I love the name Mae, but I may want to save this as a nn for Margaret if we have another child.

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    Re: Edith?

    I love Edith, especially with the possible nn Edie!

    Here are some middle possibilities if you save Mae:

    Short and Sweet:
    Edith Eileen
    Edith Hope
    Edith Louise
    Edith Ann

    Longer and lovely:
    Edith Evangeline
    Edith Maribel
    Edith Mirabelle
    Edith Vivianne

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    Re: Edith?

    I love Edith!

    Edith Louise
    Edith Simone
    Edith Pearl
    Edith Maribel
    Edith Liliana
    Edith Eliza
    Edith Violet
    Edith Margaret
    Edith Gail

    (looks like tarat3232 and I posted at the same time and have some repeats, and I think Edith Louise, which is on both our lists really is a standout! Also love her suggestion of Edith Mirabelle and I think this is even better than Edith Maribel)
    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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    Re: Edith?

    Edith is a total 'outhip the hipsters' name, so far out it's in, etc.

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