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    Cool which 'style' to use?

    i love too many names & too many different styles of names! should i push for offbeat, more popular/traditional, or somewhere in the middle?

    • august & sterling & phoenix & jasper & ivy (possibly calla, wren, magnolia, violet, willow, autumn, scarlett, etc)

    • jude & august & emmett & leo & ivy (possibly calla, emmeline, annabelle, lucy, lily, piper, scarlett, violet, zoe, aria, etc)

    • jude & gabriel & asher & noah & ivy (possibly lucy, zoe, emmeline, annabelle, aria, mae, sophie, amelia, lily, etc)

      thanks, all
    Jude Phoenix August Sterling
    Story Clarity Ivy Carolina Aria

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    I think you should use something off the first list for a first then off the others for a middle or the other way round. I like the boys names off the middle list:

    Emmeline Willow
    Scarlett Amelia
    Annabelle Piper Wren
    Violet Sophia

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