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    Baby Name Quiz BOOK VERSION

    Girl #1 FN
    Has reading a book ever changed your life?
    Yes: Samantha
    No: Aubrey

    Girl #1 MN
    Fiction or Non-fiction?
    Fiction: Zoe
    Non-fiction: Amelia

    Boy #1 FN
    Has reading a book ever made you cry?
    Yes: Joseph
    No: Christopher

    Boy #1 MN
    Have you ever written a book?
    Yes: Caleb
    No: Dylan

    Girl #2 FN
    Did you ever read a book that you ended up hating?
    Yes: Leah
    No: Grace

    Girl #2 MN
    Do you prefer reading or writing books?
    Reading: Victoria
    Writing: Brooklyn
    Both: Natalie

    Boy #2 FN
    Do you prefer books or TV?
    Books: David
    TV: Liam
    I can't decide: Isaac

    Boy #2 MN
    Has the main character's name in the book ever had your name?
    Yes: Landon
    No: Gavin
    Another character in the book did: Elijah

    My Answers:
    Aubrey Zoe
    Joseph Caleb
    Grace Brooklyn
    David Gavin

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