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    Wink List Game - Freedom!

    This game is very free and very simple. You can have whatever size family you want to have, whatever genders/ages/multiples/etc.

    -names must be from this list
    -they must have 2 middle names
    -please attempt to give a nickname

    Feel free to link images of them or describe them.
    Have fun!!! x
    18. Poet. Student. Slytherin.

    Amory Arabella Aurore Cordelia Delacour Delphine Dominique Evadne Fleur Flora Ginevra Hermione Honour Irene Iris Jillian Juliet Leolin Lyra Mallory Meredith Minerva Ophelia Petra Poppy Rosalie Rowena Tessa Vasilisa Verity Victoire Vivienne

    Alistair Arlo Benedict Cedric Clark Dean Dexter Dominic Draco Edmund Evander Fabian Frederick George Gideon Hugo James Jude Klaus Knight Leander Lorcan Louis Michael Miles Nico Peter Prewett Remus Spencer Theodore

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    DD: Ravenna Scarlett Imogen 'Enna'
    DD: Lyra Hermione Belle
    DS: Fabian Theodore Peter 'Abe'
    DD: Thalia Juliette Elsa 'Thay'
    DS: Felix Lucas James
    (Sorry I found the nicknames really difficult)
    Fangirl | Historian | Biochemist | Single Pringle | 18 | Future mummy
    Dreaming of...
    • Evanthe Georgiana Clio • Marigold Anna Hermione • Beatrix Sylvia Rosalind • Artemis Lyra Elizabeth •
    Caspian Sherlock Walter Pandora Valencia Fae
    • Ptolemy Lysander Albert | Horatio Phoenix Arthur | Nikolai Emrys Altair | Artemus Dorian Hugo •
    Mister Men CombosLittle Misses Combos
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."

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