View Poll Results: Help name our baby girl...twin will be Lincoln and older bro is Brody.

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  • Lucy Rebecca

    19 29.69%
  • Ruby Rebecca

    18 28.13%
  • Lola Rebecca

    5 7.81%
  • Presley Rebecca

    2 3.13%
  • Paisley Rebecca

    3 4.69%
  • Hadley Rebecca

    9 14.06%
  • Arabella Rebecca

    8 12.50%
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    Post Help finalize our girl list....

    We are in need of a girl name. Her twin will be Lincoln and her older brother is Brody. Please vote for your favorite

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    Since both Lincoln and Brody are mote on the uncommon and rarely heard of names, I would say that she would have to have the same kind of name. Therefore, though all very pretty, Arabella, Ruby, Lucy and Lola wouldn't work. Paisley I'm iffy about. I like it, but I'm not sure if it'll work with your sib-sets.
    Presley and Hadley are my favorites. Especially Hadley.

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    Presley & Hadley would also be my top choices, with Presley taking a slight edge.

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    I think Arabella goes well with your boy's names.
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    1 Lucy Rebecca - two classic names that are timeless
    2 Ruby Rebecca - spunky combo!
    3 Hadley Rebecca - unisex choice

    Why I didn't choose Lola...a little too exotic with Lincoln and Brody
    Why I didn't choose Arabella...too many b's with Rebecca in the middle.
    Why I didn't choose Paisley...cutesy, trendy and a fabric
    Why I didn't choose Presley...cutesy and trendy
    All the best,

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