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    "Is Theo a dorky name?" and other questions.

    We like the name Theodore, and think our favorite nickname is probably Theo, but would a kid named Theo get made fun of? Is it dorky? Is the name masculine enough? Is it a good adult name?

    Some other names we're considering are Declan, Peter, Isaac, and Benjamin.

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    No, a Theo would not be made fun of. What is there to make fun of about Theodore/Theo? Theodore is regal and handsome. It's a name that fits both a boy and a man very well. I also like Peter, Isaac, and Benjamin. I'm not a fan of Declan personally, but Theodore Declan sounds nice.

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    I don't think so. I think my first fictional character crush was on a character named Theo (from the Newbury Award winning novel The Westing Game, so it has always seemed cool to me. There are other nicknames for Theodore that are dorkier, definitely. Theo is strong, but gentle, adult, and young and to me it sounds perfect.

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    Theo makes me think of the Cosby show.
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    I honestly think Theodore is kind of dorky (all I picture is Alvin and the Chipmunks haha), but I think the nn Theo is pretty cute. It's not very "masculine" to me, but he definitely wouldn't be made fun of.
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