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    All the suggestions are Scandinavian, with whichever out of Susannah and Charlotte I thought sounded best as the middle (I prefer Susannah personally but I didn't want to put it with names that ended in a 'ah' sound)

    Eeva Charlotte - Could be changed to Eva to make it more useable, but I don't see any problems with the double e spelling
    Else Susannah - I think this is really cute and would work well with Amelia
    Linnea Charlotte - This I also think is cute and I think Linny would be an adorable nn
    Maja Charlotte - Possibly a bit close to Amelia, but I thought it was such a lovely name I wanted to suggest it anyway, maybe as a mn?
    Petra Charlotte - I really like Petra, I think it sounds really refined and beautiful but would work wonderfully on a little girl as well, I also think it works well with Amelia
    Signe Susannah - Maybe not as useable as the others, but still beautiful, another for the mns
    Teodora Charlotte - I love this! I think it is so so lovely! I think it is fresher than the Theodora spelling, and has a ton of nn's: Teo, Tea, Dora, Dory
    Tove Charlotte - Tove is a personal favourite of mine, and it is scandinavian, so I had to include it, I think it is just beautiful and I do think it would work well with Amelia
    Viveca Charlotte - I thought this was really unusual and I thought it would be an interesting choice, I thought it would be a good pairing with Amelia, with the connection of the same ending letter and Viveca Charlotte and Amelia Blythe have the same amount of syllables, which I think helps make a sib-set flow.

    Hope this helps!
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    Some ideas that would complement Amelia well but that are not over #500 and that have cute nicknames:

    Beatrice (nn Bea)
    Edith (nn Edie)
    Judith (nn Judie or Judy)
    Louisa (nn Lou or Lulu)
    Helena (nn Lena)
    Celia (nn Cece)
    Laurel (nn Laurie)
    Matilda (nn Tillie)
    Cecelia (nn Cece)
    Eugenie (nn Genie)

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    Lots of great ideas, guys, thanks! Keep 'em coming! I get the feeling that I'm going to need the next four months to convince the hubs to choose something I love, so the longer the list is the better.

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    Evelyn, Nora, Charlotte, Stella, Kate, Clara, Edith, Eleanor, Georgia, Iris, Maeve, Olive, Scarlett, Verity, Anais, Eva, Bella, Bridget, Ophelia, Sofia, Valentina. I have a Charlotte and I love her name. It's a good choice! It goes great with Amelia. Georgia would also be a great choice.
    All the best,

    Charlotte Noelle
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    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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