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    Sister for Amelia

    We're expecting Baby Girl v. 2.0 in April and I can think of no one better qualified to help us name her than the 'berries. Help? Please?

    Big sis is Amelia Blythe (nn Mila) and we'd like something in a similar vein. Classic. Feminine, but not excessively so. Not totally unheard of, but less common. (I'm already a little bummed that Amelia is as popular as it is.) Our last name is Danish, so nothing ending in -son or -sen, but a nod to the Scandinavian roots might be fun.

    I'm leaning toward Susannah as a middle name. He's pushing for Charlotte, and although I think it's lovely, I'd prefer something less trendy. Other than that, we haven't had much luck coming up with ideas.


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