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    Companion to Lily?

    Our daughter's name is Lily. When we chose that name, we were thinking more along the lines of smart, brash Lily Tomlin, not a frail, delicate wallflower.

    We're now making a girl's list for the new baby (though it's too early to know the sex just yet.) I think we need some help.

    The only possibility that even sounds good with Lily so far is Willow. But, I have some problems with it. 1) It may sound too delicate or she may grow up to be too delicate; 2) two flower/plant names may seem pretentious; 3) in the famous movie of the same name, Willow was a man; and 4) the thought of naming my child a well-known celebrity baby name makes me cringe, and Will Smith and Jada Pinket have a daughter named Willow whose trying to launch a music career.

    So I have two questions. Should I just dismiss my dilemmas and go with Willow? If not, please give me an idea of perhaps three names you think do go with Lily. The criteria we are looking for is: 1) no celebrity names; 2) no unisex/ boys names/surnames; 3) one or two syllables preferred, or if more at least not too many letters; 4) nothing ending in -ly, since Lily already does; 5) a name that is feminine, but strong or funloving; and 6) needs to also flow into last name Berrycliff.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Well, What about the name Layla , both "La" is pronounced as in Land not Lay, and it means "night".

    You can hear it here in slow motion, at 0:47

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    I really like Willow with Lily, but if its troubling you I would go with something else. Have you considered Willa?
    If not, these are my suggestions to you...
    1. Bridgid
    2. Elizabeth
    3. Georgia
    Good luck,

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    I don't think two nature-y names are a problem --or the movie. The celebrity thing is annoying I agree, but I don't link Willow Smith to the name right away. I forgot until you mentioned her. I think Willow is a very pretty name, a bit more whimsical than Lily, and I think it does sound like a delicate name if that concerns you.

    If you've kept it on your list even, after all the concerns, I would use it.

    If not, these to me are feminine, but not super fussy:

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