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    Stella Blythe: what do you think?

    Expecting our first and have, we think just decided on a name if it's a girl: Stella Blythe. My husband's grandmother, who he is very close to, is named Stella and we would like to honor her in this way. Blythe is just b/c we like it, and the meaning (free spirit, happy, carefree) is lovely. Only concern is that Stella is too popular and will only become more so.... Thoughts?

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    I love the name Stella and was going to name my first daughter that until I realized the popularity. I also met a few animals named Stella which turned me off to the name. I was leaning towards Estelle which I think is beautiful and sophisticated (and none of my friends named their dogs Estelle, yet). I love the middle name Blythe that you've selected. Overall, I think Stella Blythe is a gorgeous name!

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    I really like it. Great meanings, pretty names. Really love Blythe and they compliment each other nicely.
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    I love Stella. I think it's popular without being every second girl. Not over done at all- I have only ever taught one Stella.
    I like the meaning of Blythe.

    Stella Kate is still one that rings my bells a tad more though.

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    Strong and unusual. I've only ever met one Stella and one Blythe. They're not quite my style, but an interesting name. Go for it!
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