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    the only one of the first names i like in emrys.
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    Girls list:
    Weslynn Ivy - I don't like Weslynn at all. Ivy is gorgeous.
    Cagely Sophia - How do you say Cagely? I have no idea at all. Sophia is nice, but overused.
    Samaya Jasmine - Samaya is rather nice, surprisingly. I don't like Jasmine but feel connected to it as it was meant to be my name.
    Emrys Willow/Liviana - Emrys is nice, but not on a girl. I like Willow but not Liviana.

    Xadrian Judah - Xadrian is...horrible, I'm sorry, there's no other way for me to explain it. Judah is okay.
    Jamari Amedeo - I don't like Jamari. Amadeo is nice spelled this way.
    Azaiah Samuel - Is this meant to be pronounced like Isaiah? If so, I suggest using that spelling. Samuel is okay, I suppose, just overused and boring.

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    Weslynn Ivy - I like Ivy, I almost insisted on being called Ivy as a nn when I was younger. Weslynn sounds pretty when spoken, looks terrible when written!

    Samaya Jasmine/June - I definitely prefer Samaya June. Jasmine has never appealed to me.

    Emrys Liviana - I prefer Emrys Willow, actually. Liviana is destined to be nicknamed Liv which I've always been called and I can't stand it. Emrys is pretty and I think it works well on a girl.

    Xadrian Judah - I prefer Adrian also. The "X" isn't very nice sounding IMO. Judah is very handsome, I like it. Judah Xadrian sounds better to me.

    Jamari Samuel - Nms.

    Isaiah - My favorite name off of your list... Isaiah Samuel flows well.
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    Sorry, I really dislike most of them!

    Weslynn is horrendous, and I hope this is never used. Wesley is completely masculine and ending 'lynn' is just so trendy and overdone.
    Cagely is very, very bad. Why would you want the word 'cage' in your daughter's name?
    Emrys is at least a name but a boy's one.
    Samaya Jasmine is by far the best girl's name on your list.

    Jamari and Azaiah aren't too bad, sound pretty try hard though.
    Xadrian isn't a real name, so that makes it trendy. Xander or Xavier would be lovely.

    I dislike most of the first names but what surprises me is that you have gorgeous names as middle names! Ivy, Sophia, Jasmine, Willow, Judah and Samuel are all absolutely perfect.

    Judah Samuel and Ivy Sophia would be absolute perfection! Maybe you would like Esme Willow, Xander Jude and Isaiah Samuel?
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