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    Question Thoughts on name list

    I'm new and not even close to having any kids, but I was just wondering what people thought about my favorite names. I also need some help on middle names and name suggestions would also be appreciated!

    Girls list:
    Weslynn Ivy
    Cagely Sophia
    Samaya Jasmine
    Emrys Willow/Liviana

    Xadrian Judah
    Jamari Amedeo
    Azaiah Samuel

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    Weslynn Ivy - sounds pretty, but looks made up
    Cagely Sophia - I think cagely is awful. Makes me think of cagey IE: Reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion.
    Samaya Jasmine - Samaya is not my style, but sounds pretty
    Emrys Willow/Liviana - not sure how I feel about emrys

    Xadrian Judah - looks made up
    Jamari Amedeo - dislike
    Azaiah Samuel - just looks like it has YOUNEEK spelling, dislike.

    I can appreciate that you are trying to find a more "different" name style, but I would refrain from made up (looking) or spelling changes. Good luck!
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    All of your names sound either made up or like they are for the opposite gender.
    I really like your middle names!

    Weslynn Ivy - pretty sound, but looks like a made up name, what about Rosalyn or Jocelyn? I like Weston for a boy.
    Cagely Sophia - the 'cage' part really puts me off. Like naming your kid Jailor. What about Everly or Eisley or Cecily?
    Samaya Jasmine - again, seems made up but it is a pretty sound, Samara? Samantha?
    Emrys Willow/Liviana - Emrys is a boys name, it's very pretty though, probably my favorite of your list. I like Liviana. Also, Livinia, Carys, Cerys.

    Xadrian Judah - looks like you plopped an X at the front of Adrian. I like Xavier and Zander and Hadrian. Judah is lovely
    Jamari Amedeo - sounds made up. Jasper? Mathias? Jeremiah?
    Azaiah Samuel - What about Isaiah or Ezekiel? This one isn't terrible, but it looks misspelled even if it's not
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    They all sound made up to me.

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