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    Being a male name nerd - my story

    I've posted on here a few times but here's a formal introduction.

    I'm one of the few guys who is interested in names. It's related to a broader interest in linguistics.
    My (crappy) first and middle name is Matthew Todd. Matthew is so common, there were always like 4 in my classes in school. I was tired of having another top-10 name(see my user name). I made plans to change my name after 18 and started making lists of names I liked (both genders) for use on RPG characters. I also had a separate list of names I was considering for myself.
    For a few years I was obsessed with the name Braeden. My RPG characters had the name and I was going to change my name to Braeden after 18. Then the different spellings and the -ayden name thing I started to look elsewhere. I make lists of all the -ayden names every year and several other statistics based lists.
    When I was about 20 I starting getting serious and tried to order some forms to change my name. My list was Finnian, Brendan, Kieran. The forms never came and my name started falling off the top ten so I gave up, but I'd still like to change my name someday.
    I have been posting on BNaBBT, another name forum for years.

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    Welcome to NB Matthew! Always nice to have another guy around here And just let us know if you want to take a name for a test drive.
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    Welcome (from another male Berry)!

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    Hi! From your list I like Finnian.
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    Welcome! My husband's name is actually Brendan and he likes it and I love it, but just a fair warning, Brendan is often mistaken as Brandon and if that bothers you, then I wouldn't use it. My mom still calls my husband Brandon from time to time and I have to tell her it's Brendan. We've been together for 3 years and she still can't get it right, doesn't help that I have a cousin named Brandon. He occasionally gets Brennan as well. Very rarely do people get Brendan right off the bat. Not to discourage you, it's a wonderful name, but just something to think about!

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