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    My favourites from your list:
    ~ Claire Evelyn
    ~ Claire Violet

    I chose those because I think the 'hard' sounds of Claire need a softer sounding middle-name, and I think Violet & Evelyn are perfect!
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    I'm not crazy about's just too common and simple for me.

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    I like Claire Hazel, Claire Evelyn and Claire Hadley a lot.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    My suggestion would be Claire Louisa(didn't check to see if someone else suggested, sorry if repeat). If this baby is a girl her name will be Claire Elisabeth Louisa, but I see you don't like Elisabeth. Elisabeth and Louisa honor my husband's late grandmother Betty Lou. But before we decided to honor her we had Elise, Isabella and Viviana on our list. So these would be my suggestions.

    Claire Louisa
    Claire Viviana
    Claire Juliana
    Claire Anneliese
    Claire Adelaide
    Claire Madeleine

    Of your list I like Isabella the best, followed by Sophia which is my #2 girls name.
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    Not reading the other responses to keep my honest opinion as honest as possible...

    From your list, Claire Elise jumped out to me the most. I will also throw out there Claire Delaney (because it reminds me of Claire De Lune)

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