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    Question Liviana? Thoughts or reactions?

    So, my husband and I are expecting our first in late April and it was just confirmed that baby is definitely a girl! Yay! Anyway, I have been a long time name lover, but am really picky with girls names. I tend to like the more frilly, feminine names. We have a few names on our list, but the one that is standing out is Liviana. From what I understand, it is an old Roman name, a variant of Livia I believe. We plan to call her Liv and Livy as nicknames. I like that it can stand on its own as a name, but has lots of nickname potential depending on her personality (Liv, Livy, Ana, etc.). I do worry about the popularity of Olivia, but am not too bothered. What are your thoughts on the name? Is there anything terrible that I am missing about this name? Thanks so much!
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