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    I'm semi-new and have kind of just been trolling around so far. I'm nowhere near having kids, and not even sure that I'd want any in the first place. But I do love names, and was wondering what you all think of my favorite names. Sorry about the extensive girl list. I just love so many!

    Alexander James "Xander"
    Ronan Arthur
    Ezra Damien
    Abram Charles (nn Bram?)
    Finnian Patrick "Finn"
    Wesley Tennyson "Wes"
    Soren Dudley/Dexter
    Sebastian Cato "Seb"

    Noa Kimberly
    Catherine Olive
    Isabel Georgia
    Leonora Hadley
    Louisa Maple (thinking about changing mn)
    Henrietta Grace "Hattie"
    Victoria Poppy
    Margaret Alice "Maisie"
    India Louise/Lucille
    Freya Juniper
    Melanie Florence
    Susanna Claire/Phoebe (nn Sukie?)
    Vivian Clara
    Helena Ruby
    Philippa Jane "Pippa"
    Rosalind Ashby "Rosie"
    Cordelia Violet "Delia"

    I also have been thinking about changing a few things/swapping out a few names for similar ones/adding some names. What do you think of...

    Virginia "Ginny"
    Beatrice "Bea"
    Jane (nn Janie?)
    Laura or Laurence
    Agnes "Aggie"
    Elspeth "Elsie"
    Alexandra "Lex"

    Isadora vs Isabel
    Margot vs Margaret
    vs Cordelia
    as a fn


    Any middle name suggestions are welcome, thoughts on nicknames... basically any feedback is accepted and greatly appreciated! Thanks, ladies!
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    Alexander James "Xander" - You can't go wrong with two great classics in a combo! Xander is a more interesting nn than Alex. I do like Alec though.

    Ronan Arthur - I like these two names but the "n" in Ronan runs into Arthur (Ronanarthur). Maybe choose a consonant instead of a vowel for the mn spot. Nn Roe.

    Ezra Damien - I prefer the Damian spelling but this combo is a fine one.

    Abram Charles (nn Bram?) - Strong and manly combo.

    Finnian Patrick "Finn" - A very Irish combo (not that there's anything wrong with that fact!

    Wesley Tennyson "Wes" - I like both names but not together (they're too heavy on the s's).

    Soren Dudley/Dexter - I would go with Soren Dexter. Dudley has a bad sound (dud). Nickname-Rennie.

    Sebastian Cato "Seb" - Sebastian is a fave of mine and it works well with Cato. My fave nn is Bastian.


    Noa Kimberly - Not my fave combo. Noa is spunky but Kimberly is "dated". Taking from your other names about Noa Juliet or Noa Beatrice?

    Catherine Olive - I think Olive Catherine flows better.

    Isabel Georgia - I love both names.

    Leonora Hadley - Pretty and spunky

    Louisa Maple (thinking about changing mn) - I love Louisa and Maple is a quirky mn choice.

    Henrietta Grace "Hattie" - Grace softens the heavy first name. I love Hattie!

    Victoria Poppy - Victoria has never been a favourite of mine but the combo flows well.

    Margaret Alice "Maisie" - I think Alice Margaret flows much better.

    India Louise/Lucille - Both mn's work well with India.

    Freya Juniper - Soft and ethereal

    Melanie Florence - I love Florence but Melanie is "dated" and sounds tired. Diana Florence or Hazel Florence?

    Susanna Claire/Phoebe (nn Sukie?) - Any of the two mn's work well with Susanna.

    Vivian Clara - Lovely combo but even though I don't hear them I do see a lot of a's. The sound is more pleasing than the look. Maybe the French Vivienne would look better with Clara?

    Helena Ruby - I love the classic Helena mixed with the spunky Ruby.

    Philippa Jane "Pippa" - A very nice combo that has great flow.

    Rosalind Ashby "Rosie" - I love Rosalind but Ashby is an odd choice for a mn. What about Rosalind Ivy or Rosalind Iris?

    Cordelia Violet "Delia" - I like Violet more than Cordelia but this is a very romantic combo!

    I also have been thinking about changing a few things/swapping out a few names for similar ones/adding some names. What do you think of...

    Virginia "Ginny" - I like the French version Virginie too. Nicknames: Ginger, Gigi, Virgie.

    Beatrice "Bea" - I love the serious Beatrice as well as her spunky sister Beatrix. Combo: Beatrice Lily.

    Diana - This classic name is so underused and underappreciated. Shame. Combo: Diana Felicity.

    Jane (nn Janie?) - Jane is fine the way she is - short, simple and sweet. No nickname is required. Combo: Jane Lorelei.

    Laura or Laurence - I know Laurence is a French female version but I can't imagine a girl named Laurence. Laura is a fine classic. There is also Lauren, Laurel and Laurinda. Combo: Laura Penelope.

    Agnes "Aggie" - I prefer Agatha. Combo: Agnes Catherine.

    Elspeth "Elsie" - Love it! Combo: Elspeth Rosalie.

    Juliet - Romantic and Shakespearean. Combo: Juliet Frances.

    Alexandra "Lex" - Very feminine and pretty. Combo: Alexandra Paige.

    Astrid - A wonderful Scandinavian name. The "as" beginning turns people off due to the teasing potential which is a shame. I like Ingrid a little better. There is also Sigrid. Combo: Astrid Delilah.

    Hazel - OK. Combo: Hazel Josephine.

    Isadora vs Isabel - Isabel by a hair. Isabel Daphne.

    Margot vs Margaret - I love both names. Margaret has the bonus of using Margot as a nickname as well as other options like Greta, Maggie, Maisie etc... so it's more versatile than just Margot. It really depends on the other name you choose.

    Cornelia vs Cordelia - Neither is a fave but Cordelia wins due to the Shakespearean association. Combo: Cordelia June.

    Poppy as a fn - Combo: Poppy Matilda

    Lorcan - Love it. Nn Lorne. Combos: Lorcan Timothy, Lorcan Raphael, Lorcan Valentine
    All the best,

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    Alexander James "Xander" - Love it. Such a strong name that works well for a little boy and an adult
    Ronan Arthur - I love the meaning of Ronan! "Little Seal" so cute!
    Ezra Damien - Ezra has always sounded a little harsh to me but I like Damien
    Abram Charles (nn Bram?) - Love the name Bram.
    Finnian Patrick "Finn" - Very Irish and very cute. My new name crush is Finn!
    Wesley Tennyson "Wes"- Wesley is nms. They sound fine together though. I like literary names as mns.
    Soren Dudley/Dexter - I love Soren. I like Soren Dexter better than Soren Dudley. Dudley reminds me of Harry Potter.
    Sebastian Cato "Seb" - Love. Sounds very Roman

    Noa Kimberly - I know Noa is a Japanese/Hebrew girl name but I think it would be really confusing to have the name Noa with sooo many little boy Noahs running around. What about Nora or Noelle nn Noa? Kimberly looks dated to me.

    Catherine Olive -Like. I think Catherine Olivia flows better though

    Isabel Georgia - Doesn't flow well. It sounds like a town called Isabel in the state of Georgia. Georgia Isabel is lovely though. Or Isabel Goergiana?

    Leonora Hadley - Pretty.

    Louisa Maple (thinking about changing mn) - I actually think this is a great combo. Very quirky and cute

    Henrietta Grace "Hattie" - Nice. I would change the mn though. Grace has become the new Marie.

    Victoria Poppy - Love!

    Margaret Alice "Maisie" - Love! Maisie is adorable!

    India Louise/Lucille - I like India Lucille the best. Has a very upper class/ vintage feel to it.

    Freya Juniper - Freya is not my favorite but I do like this combo. Its very unique to an American's eyes

    Melanie Florence - Melanie is nice but sounds dated to me. I go to school with a lot of Melanies. Florence is nice.

    Susanna Claire/Phoebe (nn Sukie?) - I like Susanna Claire the best. Sukie makes me think of a pig. I perfer the nn Sunny for Susanna.

    Vivian Clara - Pretty

    Helena Ruby - Really pretty

    Philippa Jane "Pippa" -Love Pippa. Really cute.

    Rosalind Ashby "Rosie" -NMS. Rosalind is okay but Ashby sounds odd as a mn.

    Cordelia Violet "Delia" - Gorgeous!

    Virginia "Ginny" - Virginia is okay but I adore Ginny. I also like Genevieve with the nn Ginny

    Beatrice "Bea"- Really cute

    Diana - I always think of my old friend with this name. She was really spunky.

    Jane (nn Janie?) - Nice. Simple. Classic. Love it!

    Laura or Laurence - I like just Laura. The only Laurences I've met are men.

    Agnes "Aggie" - Aggie is cute but Agnes makes me think of a medieval nun.

    Elspeth "Elsie" -Cute

    Juliet - Love it!

    Alexandra "Lex" - Love how pretty and regal Alexandra is. Lex is very masculine to me and ruins it. What about Allie or the French Alexandrie?

    Astrid - NMS but nice.

    Hazel - cute
    Isadora vs Isabel - I like them both. Slightly prefer Isabel because it was my great gma's name.

    Margot vs Margaret - Margot. Much spunkier on its own whereas Margaret needs a mn like Maggie, Maisie or Daisy to be spunky IMO

    Cornelia vs Cordelia - Cordelia. I don't like how Cornelia contains the word Corn

    Poppy as a fn -Really cute. Totally usable, more so if you live in the UK. Its not popular in the US but with all the Kenzies and Kileys running around Poppy will age fine.

    Lorcan - I like it. Reminds me of HP
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    My favorites from your main lists are:

    Alexander James "Xander"
    Abram Charles (nn Bram?)

    Catherine Olive
    Isabel Georgia
    Louisa Maple - I adore Louisa, but not so much Maple. I like Louisa Plum, Louisa Jane, Louisa Maeve better.
    Henrietta Grace "Hattie" -- Also like Henrietta Camille
    India Louise/Lucille - India Lucille
    Susanna Claire - I LOVE this one more than I can say!!!! (Claire is unusable for me because it's my sister and niece's middle name.)
    Philippa Jane
    Cordelia Violet "Delia"

    Here are my thoughts on the list you are wondering about:
    Virginia "Ginny" - ok
    Beatrice "Bea" - NMS
    Diana - Nice
    Jane (nn Janie?) - Great
    Laura or Laurence - Love Laura
    Agnes "Aggie" - I'm slowly warming up to it, but it's still not my cup of tea.
    Elspeth "Elsie" - Prefer Elizabeth
    Juliet - Very pretty!
    Alexandra "Lex" - I ADORE Alexandra!
    Astrid - I totally LOVE it, but it has teasing potential with the first syllable.
    Hazel - Nice!
    Isadora vs Isabel - ok, I like them equally.
    Margot vs Margaret - Prefer Margaret
    Cornelia vs Cordelia - Prefer Cordelia
    Poppy as a fn - NMS at all.
    Lorcan - NMS

    My absolute favorites are Susanna Claire, so stunning (!), Philippa Jane, and Alexandra. I suggest Alexandra Maeve.
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    Alexander James "Xander": Great name. Those are two names that won't date.
    Ronan Arthur: Love it.
    Ezra Damien: It sounds cool together, but both names arent' really my taste.
    Abram Charles (nn Bram?)": Great combo.
    Finnian Patrick "Finn": I love Finn, but the other names are really my style, but they are nice.
    Wesley Tennyson "Wes": NMS, and Tennyson reminds me of my little brother weatching Ben 10.
    Soren Dudley/Dexter: I prefer Soren Dexter.
    Sebastian Cato "Seb": cute

    Noa Kimberly: I like it!
    Catherine Olive: I LOVE Olive, I would prefer Olive Catherine.
    Isabel Georgia: both names are NMS
    Leonora Hadley: Ditto above.
    Louisa Maple (thinking about changing mn) Very pretty.
    Henrietta Grace "Hattie" I'm not a fan of Henrietta/Hattie, and Grace is a very popular middle name.
    Victoria Poppy: Cute!
    Margaret Alice "Maisie": Love Alice, but I'm not a huge fan of Margaret.
    India Louise/Lucille: My aunt's middle name is Louise and my mum's middle name is Lucelle. India is pretty, but NMS.
    Freya Juniper: Great combo.
    Melanie Florence: NMS
    Susanna Claire/Phoebe (nn Sukie?) Claire is pretty.
    Vivian Clara: Lovely.
    Helena Ruby: NMS
    Philippa Jane "Pippa" Pippa Jane is adorable!
    Rosalind Ashby "Rosie" I'm not a fan of "Rose" names, but Rosalind is actually really pretty!
    Cordelia Violet "Delia": Lovely and flows nicely.

    I also have been thinking about changing a few things/swapping out a few names for similar ones/adding some names. What do you think of...

    Virginia "Ginny" I have a love for the nn Ginny. But I'm not a huge fan of Virginia.
    Beatrice "Bea": Gorgeous.
    Diana: NMS
    Jane (nn Janie?) A timeless name.
    Laura or Laurence I adore Laura! A lot of people think its dated, but I think it's beautiful.
    Agnes "Aggie" same as @everwaiteing.
    Elspeth "Elsie" NMS
    Juliet: LOVE
    Alexandra "Lex": NMS but it's pretty.
    Astrid: LOVE
    Hazel: Pretty
    Isadora vs Isabel: Isabel
    Margot vs Margaret: Margot
    Cornelia vs Cordelia: Cordelia
    Poppy as a fn: NMS
    Lorcan: NMS

    Combo ideas:

    Margot Isabel
    Alexandra Juliet
    Cordelia Jane
    Laura Beatrice
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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