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    Very Christian names?

    I was just brainstorming novel ideas, and I've got a couple of ideas for a character whose parents are very religious, straight-laced, "hardcore" Christians. Are there any names which you consider to be very Christian, or names that you think a very religious Christian might use for a child? I'm looking for stereotypical names here, I know a person's religion doesn't necessarily reflect their naming choices in real life. Her "placeholder" name right now is Rosary, but I find it easier to work with a character when I have a proper name for them!
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    Protestant or Catholic?
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    Biblical [particularly OT ones] and virtue names would where I'd look. Why not tell us a bit more about your character, it might help?

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    Catholic - Mary/Mary variant; as well as any female saint:

    Protestant - Any Biblical name - Elizabeth, Martha, Veronica...
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    There's three main categories for me:

    1) Those "Old Testament" names that strike a lot of people as rather "Children of the Corn" - Malachi, Jabez, Hezekiah, Ezekiel for boys, Keziah, Jerusha, Sarai for girls. I actually love these so don't take citing Stephen King as an actual slam on the names themselves, it's just what people have told me they think of when they hear those names.

    Not all Biblical names work equally well: Joshua/Rachel don't really kick home that message at all, do they?

    2) Ones that I as a Jewish person would not actually use as they sound specifically Christian and not just Biblical to me. Not all of them ARE even Biblical, and some of them sound fairly mainstream: Girls - Evangeline, Christiana/Christabel etc, Mary, Magdalena, Trinity. Boys - Peter, Christian/Christopher, Luther, Thomas etc.

    3) Names of obscure Catholic saints.

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