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    I'm not a fan, probably because it have the word Goth in it. Maybe look for some more G names.

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    I don't understand all the dislike for it! I think it's great, especially as a middle name!
    I'm a firm believer of naming your kid whatever you want, and I think that if it didn't have the Batman association, a lot of people would love it. It sounds very name-y.
    Plus, it has other associations, too! New York, especially, but street names and the like.

    If people have persuaded you too much to avoid it, try spelling it differently: Gothem, Gothom,
    Or you can get creative: Jeotham, Grotham, Gothen, Gother, Getham.

    Go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by googoogixie View Post
    I happen to think Gotham is awesome! Love love Max Gotham. I don't see it as any different than using any other place name (London, Savannah Bristol, Brooklyn, etc.) Except that it's so much cooler! I'm a pretty big Batman fan so that might make me a bit biased, though. Honestly, I don't understand how people on this site can be so accepting of "unique" and "cool" names (that really aren't unique at all when they're repeated by like everyone on the stinking site) and yet when it comes to people who actually have a cool idea for a name (seriously how is using a fictional place name any different than using the name of an actual place? Whatever.) everyone acts like you're gonna name your kid Flapjack Pina Colada.

    Sorry, I know this is kind of rambling but I'm really annoyed at how snobbish at frankly elitist some people on this site can be. Max Gotham is such a great name, any little boy would be lucky to have it. Even I'd he's more of a Spiderman fan...

    my thoughts exactly. Max Gotham is awesome!
    -an Amelia from a time before 'Amelia' was in the top 100.

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    Yes, without the Batman connotation it does sound pretty cool. Personally, I'm not into names with 'Goth' in them though.
    I wouldn't do it. Save Gotham for a pet, and give the child a more respectable name.

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    Talking Gotham!

    HA! I'm actually thinking of the same thing... My wife is currently pregnant with baby #2 & she brought it up as a "YOU BETTER NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT" conversation, lol... Thing is I hadn't until she mentioned it and I'm seriously considering it as a middle name if it's a boy. We already have a boy and his middle name is Kal'El so... I'm with you! DO IT! Hahahahaha!

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