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    Is Gotham too "out there" for a MN??

    Hello fellow Berries! My SO and I have a pretty big dilemma on our hands. We have fallen in love with the name Max Gotham. Yes, as in Gotham City from Batman. Is this too "odd" for a middle name? We've heard from Grandparents that it's "completely outrageous", but we've also heard from our friends that it's a great, unique option. We'd love and appreciate opinions, suggestions, and comments! Thank you in advance

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    I think as a middle name it is fine. Middle names are not often called out so it could be a cool mn for little Max! Good luck!

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    Personally, I find using Gotham a bit silly. There are plenty of great names from comics (from Batman in particular I like Grayson and Talia) which are a lot more subtle. Using Gotham, even in the middle, is a bit much. It's like giving your kid the middle name Metropolis. And what if your kid turns out not to be a Batman fan? (Because let's face it, kids don't always share their parents interests) They might resent having a middle name that's so obviously linked to a comic book franchise.

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    I honestly think it's a bit much, it's like using Hogwarts as a middle if you are a Harry Potter fan. There are a lot more subtle names you can use, like Bruce or Wayne.

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    I think it sounds fine for a middle, but Gotham City has often been portrayed in a negative light--full of crime and corruption. Not the best image. But I think it's safe for a middle name.
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