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    I think that it's fine in the middle spot. The Batman association is strong, but that isn't the only association that there is for Gotham, and since it's sort of hidden in the middle I think you can be a bit more adventurous than would be advisable for a first name. I can see why the grandparents are a bit freaked out, but I think after they get used to it a bit they'll realize that it isn't as far out there as they initially thought it was.

    Jotham is very similar and a legitimate Biblical name, so perhaps that could help sell them a bit somehow?

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    I think Middles are more forgiving then firsts. If you love it and it means something to you then go for it. Who says your middle name except your mother?
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    I don't think it has anything to do with name snobbery or elitism. If anything, it seems more elite to give your kid such a unique middle name.

    I usually think that the middle is the place to go all out, but Gotham is just silly to me. I wouldn't do it.

    Do you, Max Gotham, take Vivienne Princess Tutu to be your lawfully wedded wife?

    I understand liking Batman, but just because it's the middle name doesn't mean it's a free for all. In my opinion. But it's not my baby. I'm just saying what I would do if I liked Batman and it was my baby.

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    This is just me, but when people say the middle name is rarely heard, I disagree. Your middle name is read out during big accomplishments in your life such as:

    high school graduation
    college graduation
    during background checks for jobs
    wedding day

    If you're okay with people thinking of Batman during all of those critical moments in your child's life, whether a kid or a full grown adult, then go ahead and use it. But since you're asking our opinions, I'd have to say it was silly. I think it's the same as giving your child the middle name Hogwarts, Capitol, or Forks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by googoogixie View Post
    I happen to think Gotham is awesome! Love love Max Gotham. I don't see it as any different than using any other place name (London, Savannah Bristol, Brooklyn, etc.) Except that it's so much cooler! I'm a pretty big Batman fan so that might make me a bit biased, though. Honestly, I don't understand how people on this site can be so accepting of "unique" and "cool" names (that really aren't unique at all when they're repeated by like everyone on the stinking site) and yet when it comes to people who actually have a cool idea for a name (seriously how is using a fictional place name any different than using the name of an actual place? Whatever.) everyone acts like you're gonna name your kid Flapjack Pina Colada.

    Sorry, I know this is kind of rambling but I'm really annoyed at how snobbish at frankly elitist some people on this site can be. Max Gotham is such a great name, any little boy would be lucky to have it. Even I'd he's more of a Spiderman fan...
    It has nothing to do with snobbery. I'm a big Harry Potter fan, it was even our wedding theme, but I would never implant that on my child by giving her or him the middle name Hogwarts or Dumbledore. There are so many actual names in that series that are so much better like Luna and Ronald to give a subtle tie and if the kid ends up not liking Harry Potter, that's fine, at least it has a history of being a name.

    I PERSONALLY think it's a bad idea because what if your kid hates Batman? Not all boys like batman. Or worse he could be a Marvel fan! (jk) It's one thing to have the middle name Bruce or Wayne where it doesn't tie in directly, but Gotham? There's no way around that. I wouldn't ever trap my kid that way because what your interests are won't necessarily tie into you child's. For example my mom loves diamonds and wanted to name me Diamond, if she had I would have been so mad, thankfully I had a reasonable dad who offered Diana as a compromise and then she got her favorite flower, roses, as my middle name (Rose).

    I'm not a fan of place names at all, but I'm more against fictional place names because that's just it, they only tie into the fictional thing. Like Narnia and Hogwarts. If the poor child ends up hating the connection, they have no back up since there is no history of it being a name. Not saying that it would ruin them or damage them in anyway, but they probably won't be willing to share their middle name or end up abbreviating it.

    Now I get the anything goes in the middle, but even I think that has limits. My husband told me the same thing and even he has limits because sometimes things just a get a little too ridiculous. This is a person not a stuffed animal. Imagine the name on yourself, how would you feel having Gotham as a middle? If my parents had done that, I'd be so ticked off because I am not a comic book fan.

    HOWEVER, this is my opinion and in no way should make you change your mind. If you want Gotham, do it. I'm just answering the question you asked "is it too out there" and the answer is "yes, yes it is" - imo

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