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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiemary View Post
    I have one niece, who was born on September 28 of this year, and she is Lucy Helen.
    September 20th is a brilliant day to be born! Its the birth date of my twins, haha!

    My kids:
    Eliska Seraphine
    Gabriel Blake
    Naomi Sage
    Scarlett Rowena
    Murphy Atticus

    Brothers (Carwyn) kids:
    Autumn Marie
    Lily Grace
    Rafe Edward

    Brothers (Dylan) kids:
    Rory Christopher
    Phillip John
    Patrick Oliver
    Harriet Lily
    Monte David
    Conrad James
    Damian Louis
    Elijah Breccan

    Brothers (Gruffydd) kids:
    Charlotte Faith
    Layla Rose

    Brothers (Lloyd) kid:
    Grayson Leo

    Sisters (Cerys) kids:
    Eden Lilyanna
    Proud mama to..

    Eliska Seraphine (b. 3rd March 2001)
    Gabriel Blake 'Gabe' (b. 12th May 2008)
    Naomi Sage (b. 22nd August 2010)
    Scarlett Rowena (b. 28th September 2012)
    Murphy Atticus (b. 28th September 2012)

    Top Choices:
    Coralie Nell ~ Juliette Rue ~ Claira Mae
    Willard Pasha ~ Hugo Elliott ~ River Thackeray

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    I have two niece and four nephews

    Shayla Kay
    Kinley Kay

    Sean Michael
    Karson Blake
    Braxton Zachary
    Sylis Mathew

    I have one daughter her name is Kamber Diana and I am currently pregnant with my second. If its a boy his name will be Cedric and if its a girl her name will be Salem.
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