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    Nieces and nephews

    What are everyone's kids names you can include nieces and nephews or friends baby names post future kids names also if you have them just trying to get some ideas for my future kids names plus I haven't seen one of these with nieces and nephews and friends

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    I don't have any nieces or nephews myself, but my girlfriend's two nieces are Emily and Jessica (2/3 years old, I think) and she also has a one year old nephew named Mika. I'm not totally certain of any of the middle names. My brother's always said if he has a son he wants to name him Mylo. I don't have any friends who are parents myself, but some family friends have recently named their babies Oscar and Emmett (twins), Jada Belle and Myriam.

    And I'm still trying to decide on a name for my little girl!
    Elena + baby girl on the way, due Feb 2013:
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    My nieces and nephews.

    Eric Philip
    Elissa Paige
    Brandon Lee
    Kelsey Anne
    Jared James
    Tyler Ryan
    Caleb Paul

    My friends kids names: Thorston and Rayne. Margaret, Meredith, Margery, and Micheal. Gunnar Njord. Thomas Montgomery. Nichi and Lyssa.

    And my daughter's name is Ruth Temperance.

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    Scarlettrobin: I love your daughter's name!

    I don't have kids, but I have little cousins/2nd cousins, and I babysit frequently.

    Claire Diamond (7) - my favorite little cousin! (Diamond is her mother's maiden name)
    Noah (~10) and Hannah Bethany (6) - I never remember his middle name or his age for some reason! I don't see them a lot, haha
    Mijah (8) and Johnny (~4) (Mijah is like Maia but sort of Scandinavian-ized, haha)
    Soren (7) and Stig (3)
    Hanson (13), Signe "Siggy" (11), and Mari (8) (Mari is said MAH-ree)
    Clara Marie (Not sure of her age, probably under 6; named after my great grandpa and grandma Carl and Marie)

    Kids I babysit:

    Eve Marie (2) (She has a new baby brother, but I haven't gotten his name!)
    Mia Rose (11) and Abigail "Abby" Jane (9)
    Miles Seldon (8) and Donovan Christopher (5) (middle names are family)
    Parker Sloane (19 months, Sloane is his dad's middle name too)
    Emily Grace (18 months)
    Olivia Judith (2)
    Hugh John (~3)
    Marco (5)
    Mara (2-1/2)
    Neighbors kids (age range ~3-13): Tanner, Braedon, Taylor (g), Justin (there's another kid I can't remember!)
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    No nieces, no nephews, no kids. My boyfriend's nephew's name is McKay. My current favorite names are Seth Austin, Nora Juliette, Drew Richard, Rose Natalie, Gavin Justin, and Erica Beth.
    ♂ Ellis Christopher / Asher Estlin / Seth Joshua / Gordon Thomas / Russell Joseph ♂
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