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    Narrowing name list for summer baby!

    My husband and I are having a hard time narrowing our list. I love Willlow for a girl and Oliver for a boy, but I don't want to get too set on anything and not consider anything else! Middle names are family names. Last name is Reep which sounds very harsh with lots of names! So basically R names, one syllable names, and names ending with "-ry" are out. Suggestions welcome!

    Willow Alison
    Piper Alison (Piper Reep sounds kind of harsh but we love the name...)
    Daphne Alison
    Matilda Colleen (have a relative named Mathilde...too close?)
    Amelie Mae
    Celia Mae (honors both my grandmothers)
    Julia Mae (honors his and my grandmother but unsure on Julia)
    Cordelia Mae (kind of a mouthful and not a huge fan of nn..but open too it. Husband wants to call her Cordie which I hate! I like Delia or Corie)
    Winter Alison (not 100% on Winter but husband likes it. Also this will be a summer baby so not fitting?)
    Primrose Alison (Prim - but again with the nn thing)

    Oliver Kenneth
    Eliot Frank
    Lucas Kenneth
    August Kenneth (husband doesn't like but I can't give it up!)
    Aren Kenneth
    Parker William (unsure on surnames)
    Sawyer William (same)
    Owen Kenneth (a little hesitant because it is my aunt's married name)

    I also LOVE Eloise, Eleanor, Esther, Elowen but husband will not go for it...I prefer old names while he likes contemporary..

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    I think as a rule you might want to eliminate names that end in R--Sawyer, Parker, Piper, etc. because of the surname. If you're unsure about using family names, cut them out.

    From your list I like
    Willow Alison (although initials WAR?)
    Celia Mae
    August Kenneth
    Oliver Kenneth
    Eliot Frank

    Primrose works better in books, and a summer baby named Winter seems like a joke with no punchline. Lucas Kenneth doesn't sound right, and Aren has an unconventional spelling. I actually hate the name Kenneth but since it appears often in your list, am I right to assume it's a family name you want to honor?

    I think you might also want to think about other things to tease out the style differences--common or uncommon? Artistic or brainy? Novel cover or Supreme Court Justice?

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    Willow Alison sounds perfect to me! Celia Mae is my second favourite.

    The r in Piper is too much for me, and if you hate the nn Cordie for Cordelia I wouldn't use it if your husband likes if so much.

    Oliver and Lucas are my favourite boy suggestions!

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    My favorite girls names for your are Willow, Daphne, and Cordelia. For boys, my favorites for you are Eliot and August. The "r" in Piper, Oliver, and others throws me off because of your surname.
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    My favorite girl name from your list is Cordelia and my favorite boy name from your list is Elliot.

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