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    Our final two... but neither are perfect.... help

    Ok so I am almost positive that our final two are either Genevieve or Penelope, as a sister for Leo. I love both names but have concerns about each one.

    1) Genevieve- What I am MOST concerned about is her being called Jenny. I have known so many Jennifers/Jennys that I have some really bad associations with the nickname. I know I can ask family and close friends to not call her Jenny but do you think it is inevitable that her friends and classmates will call her Jenny? I much prefer the nickname Eve/Evie/Neve. Another thing, though not as big of a deal, is that I am worried the pronunciation will get butchered. Do you think its a difficult name for non nameberries to pronounce?

    2) Penelope- I am worried about the popularity of this name, even before Kim Kardashian named her daughter Penelope it was rising. I want my daughter to have a name that is out of the top 100 and likely never to reach the popularity levels of Emma/Bella etc. How popular do you think this name will get?

    Bonus question.... I am also trying to decide which middle name sounds the best. I have a few we might use but not sure which sounds best with which first name. Catherine, Margaret, or Mary to honor my grandmother.

    Thank you so much for reading!

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