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    Final MN for Juno! Input please!

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and really want to have a name for this baby before our ultrasound on the 18th of December! We have our boys name nailed down ( Leon ( pn Lee- Inn) Owen). We can't seem to decide on a middle name for a girl! Our 3 year old is named Ruby Grace. This is what we have so far:

    Juno Natalie Sanborn ( Natalie is my MIL's name)
    Juno Christine Sanborn ( My middle name and my great grandmother's)
    Juno Seraphina Sanborn ( My great aunt)
    Juno Neve Sanborn ( just like it)
    Juno Maeve Sanborn ( just like it)
    Juno Diana ( We live near a beautiful waterfall called Diana's Bath)
    Juno Violet ( my other great grandmother's name)
    Juno Lillian ( great aunt's name)

    Help me narrow this down! I am going insane trying to make the cut!

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    I like Juno Christine & Juno Natalie best. They are all quite nice combos though. Ruby Grace is also a very pretty name. Ruby & Juno are good together too. If you ever looked to change Juno, I think Onyx is nice too.
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    I'd go with Juno Seraphina.
    Ruby Grace is a very feminine, pretty name - whereas Juno isn't too girly which means it'll need a super girly name with it, which is where Seraphina comes in!

    I wouldn't go with:
    ~ Juno Natalie - too many 'n' sounds
    ~ Juno Neve - again, too many 'n' sounds
    ~ Juno Christine - just doesn't flow well in my opinion
    ~ Juno Maeve - doesn't sound feminine enough for me
    ~ Juno Lillian - again! Too many n's

    So it'd be out of Juno Seraphina, Juno Diana and Juno Violet I've already told you my favourite!
    Good luck x
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    Love Ruby and Juno together. Juno Diana is definitely my favorite, though it's a lot of Roman mythology for one name.
    Juno Natalie would be my next fave.

    Leon Owen is beautiful. It does make me IMMEDIATELY think of Anna Leonowens from The King and I though.

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    Juno Violet & Juno Lillian stand out to me. Both are stunning! Juno Maeve and Juno Seraphina are lovely too.
    I find Natalie and especially Christine quite dull and dated.

    Best of luck!
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