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    Victoria Spencer

    I have a love for this combo, but I worry Spencer's too male for a girl?

    It'd be in the middle, and its not a family name.

    Should I add it to the list? Add a second middle name? Or pass on it?
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    I happen to think that Spencer IS a feminine name. I never understand the logic behind naming a boy that. I dont think the name combo is exceptional, bur
    nice. It has an old-money flair to it.

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    I really like Spencer, but only on a boy. However, given that it will be the middle name, and the first name is feminine, it should not be a problem. If you really love the name, I say kept it.

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    I don't mind a masculine middle name on a girl, and I think Victoria's lovely, but Victoria Spencer sounds too overtly regal to me. Queen Victoria and Diana Spencer.

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    Well, I'll admit I thought the thread said, "Victoria Secret" and did a double take to read it as Spencer.
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