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    Quote Originally Posted by slavicforbutterfly View Post
    It's way too loaded for a child. I'd stay far, far away from it. It's all fire and brimstone, thanks to Dante Alighieri's "Dante's Inferno." Some people like the imagery of hell and hellfire. Personally, I'd rather not be saddled my entire life with a name with those kinds of connotations.
    I agree. I immediately think of Dante's Inferno. Really not a fan.

    It does sound pretentious, especially without any specific ethnicity that makes sense for a name like that. (Okay fine, what I'm getting at is that your "little white boy" description concerns are valid). It also doesn't have any sort of a cute or lovable nickname to tone it down for use on a little boy. "Don" or "Dan" would be the only feasible ones, and those sound like middle-aged men's names to me. I guess you could go with Donny or Danny. I just don't like it.

    Sorry to be so negative. Maybe try playing around on Nymbler for some inspiration based off those names you like?
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    Dante is gorgeous! I once had a giant crush on a guy named Dante- foxy artist with a tattoo of a scallion on his shoulder. He wasn't Latino, but he wore the name well.

    Not going to suggest middles, but I do like the idea of Alexander to mirror Natalia. If you want to go a little slinkier, you could do Dante Alessandro or Dante Aleixo (it's Portuguese, pronounced "Ah-LAY-shoo")

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    I LOVE Dante! It's so old and perfect. What a bold boy he will be.

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    I had the same feeling as you and SO only mentioned it as a middle name. Over the course of a year I've come to like it, maybe even love it. I think of Dante's Inferno like other people have mentioned but there's also Dante from the Devil May Cry video game series. And I'm 18 and I don't know many people my age that even know of Dante's Inferno so I would say go for it! But I would pair it with a more down to earth middle name.

    Dante Alexander
    Dante Nicholas
    Dante Matthew
    Dante Thomas
    Dante Jackson
    Dante Jameson

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    I think that Dante is usable but if you pair it with the middle names you listed, then it does sound pretentious/over the top. I agree with thefuturemrsb, Dante needs a more classic/down to earth middle name paired with it. Dante Alexander is quite handsome.

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