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    Question What type of person do you picture???

    Elijah has really started growing on me and SURPRISE dh actually likes it! ( which really is a miracle as he hates everything!)

    SOOOO... What type of person do you picture??? ( I dont know even 1 Elijah)

    Do you think it is on its way to becoming very popular??? (like Jacob?) Or will it remain used and familiar but not super popular???

    (I should add that I am in Canada and Elijah is NOT in the top 100 here)
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    I am pretty sure Elijah is in the top 20 already! I do consider it popular, but not overly so. I always picture somebody handsome and intelligent. More bookish than athletic. Hubby and I like the name a lot too, but its popularity and its biblical origins were a deal breaker for us.

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    It feels fairly popular to me. I've definitely met some Elijahs. I feel like Elijah can be anybody. It doesn't give me a strong stereotypical image of any kind, which, in my opinion, is a good thing.

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    I love the name and nn ELI, it is growing in popularity but I havent met one!
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    I have met over 20 Elijahs. No joke. lol. It's crazy popular here, but I still love it. For the longest time I hated it because of its popularity, but a couple months ago it really grew on me, and I adore it. I wouldn't use it as a FN due to its popularity (it'll probably be top 10 next year), but I do adore it.

    Surprisingly enough, when I picture Elijah, I don't picture any of the Elijahs I know. I picture a sweet little sunshine boy with bright blue eyes and blond hair, a mama's boy with a heart of gold. I love the reference to the prophet Elijah, as well.
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