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    Crosby or Clark???

    I love the name crosby for our little man due in April. My husband likes it but isn't totally sold. His favorite at the moment is Clark. I think it's ok but I'm not in love with it. Which do you think is a better name? Big brother is Elliot and the middle name will likely be Milo.

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    Clark Milo sounds a little awkward to me. I don't particularly love Milo with Crosby, either, but of the two names themselves, I like Crosby.

    I agree with Lori's commentary — fashionably vintage, and spunky!
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    Much prefer Crosby. Clark is so . . . superman.

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    Personally, I like Elliot and Clark a lot more than Elliot and Crosby. Clark Milo doesn't sound bad at all.
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    I prefer Clark to Crosby but honestly, I think they both sound awkward with Milo.

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