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    Let's talk about Frederick

    Frederick is a name that's been creeping up on me for a while now. I love that it has such a long and distinguished history of use, I like the strength that Frederick has, and it doesn't have such a bad literal meaning either - "peaceful ruler." Even though I'm not a nicknamer, the possibility of Fred or Freddie appeals to me. What do you think of Frederick?
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    It's one of my favorite names for a boy, and is currently at the top of my list. My favorite combination right now is Frederick James.

    I also like Fred, and Freddie is growing on me. Really I just like the strong sound of Frederick. I generally prefer softer names for boys, so this one is even more special in that sense.

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    My goldfish was named Fredrick...

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    This is near the top of my list. The only thing holding me back is a personal association I have with it. But it's such a wonderful name that I'm very close to letting that go. As pp said, I love that it's strong and yet kind of soft at the same time. And I love Freddie as a nn. I have a feeling this will be one of those names that will see a resurgence now that people are seeking a normal but less common name with fun nn potential. That's okay though because no matter how many Fredericks are running around, it is a great, classic name that will never be trendy and will never go out of style.

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    I prefer the spelling Frederic since it's connected to one of my favorite composers (Chopin) and I love it. I dislike the nicknames though.

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