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    Liesl/Liesel - This one hasn't quite made it to my list, but lately I've been into Germanic and Scandanavian names. I think I like the former spelling better; I still can't help but think of diesel fuel when I see the latter.
    Annelise - Much like Liesl, but this one's Danish. Makes me think of a little girl reading Hans Christian Andersen in a sunny windowsill.
    Tanith - thought it was too lispy, but a Fire Emblem character is slowly turning it around for me.
    Sylvie - French singer Sylvie Vartan has recently made me like this one more.

    Here are some that are one I used to dislike:

    Vera - used to think it sounded like a burnt-out vaudeville star, but it's quickly become one of my favorites since then.
    Autumn - thought it was "too whimsical" at one point, but I like it a lot more now.
    ~Favorites of the moment~

    Girls: Sonya, Caroline, Sakura, Carmilla, Terra
    Boys: Conrad, Fain, Marcelo, Serge, Isidoro

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