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    go straight , hang a left at the light and ill be on nunyabusiness dr :)

    What are some names that you dislike but find yourself liking the more you see it ...

    VThe more you see it and hear it?

    For me it's everly, I love the way its pronounced I just wish it had some type of origin, and a different spelling.

    Seren Aisling , Elodie Babette, Elodie Celeste,Myla Verena, Neila Roisin,Aliira Delphine,Saoirse Nicolette, Cerys Aisling, Lena Danae, Kaiya Zsanett yasmin Danique, Liv Arianwen, Maaike Elora, Neila Gabrielle, Merel Evonia Jasmijn Celestyna, Jasmijn Celeste, Yasmin Elise, Cajsa Celeste

    Myitaliangirl names:

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