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    A boy name for Lilac's twin

    I need a boy name for my boy/girl twins. For my girl, I have decided on Lilac for a first name - I've always loved it and it matches her older sister's name (Lily) because they are both flower names. However, I can't decide on a name for my boy twin. I don't want anything too cutesy or twin-y; I want them to have their own identities. However, I also want the names to sound good together. Some boy names I am considering include:

    Nathaniel (Nathan for short)

    Also, which of these names would you put together in a first-middle combination? (I kind of like William Arthur but I am open to anything). Feel free to add other suggestions! I also need to decide on a middle name for Lilac. Here are some of my thoughts, but feel free to add your own opinions:

    Lilac Primrose
    Lilac Aurora
    Lilac Alyce
    Lilac Isabelle
    Lilac Cassandra
    Lilac Diana

    If it helps, their siblings are James, Al, and Lily - and no, our last name is not Potter. Pure coincidence that the names sort of match!

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    I like the way William, Nathan(iel), and John sound best within the sibset. I think I like the longer more flowing sound of Nathaniel as a twinset to Lilac. I really want to vote for the other HP names on your list but I think John is the only one that works. Arthur is too close to Al in my opinion and Remus seems a bit too "out-there" next to the other kids' names.

    You children's names are very Harry Potter, which I am loving! Are you sure you don't like the name Lavender as much as you like Lilac? Haha. Suggestions: Dean, Charles, or Theodore? Good luck! =]

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    To amydomsmom: Haha! I didn't even realize John was HP until you pointed it out! I know Arthur and Remus would be pushing it with the little Harry Potter theme we have going on, but I can't help it...I've loved those names forever! They will probably be vetoed anyway, but I thought I'd just put them out there for suggestion! I do like Dean, but I had an uncle who I was not close to named Dean so I don't think I can do that, and Charles is a little bit too old-fashioned for my taste. However, I love Theodore and will consider that! Thanks so much for your reply!

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    I really love Lilac Diana for your little girl. I really like Arthur and Aiden for your little boy.

    Some other suggestions that might go nice botanically are


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    I like Lilac Diana. What about Lilac Dianthe (greek for flower)? I like William and Arthur from your boys list. Lilac and Artie is super cute.
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