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    Which name (and middle name) do you perfer?

    I've recently come into conflict between the two names Mica ("MY-cuh") and Micah (with this spelling, I pronounce it "MEE-cuh"). I am in LOVE with (and much rather perfer) Mica, but my boyfriend has voiced that he perfers Micah. He said he also really likes Mica, but likes Micah more.
    Help, berries!
    Which one do you perfer?

    (Also, the middle names we've picked out for both names are: James or Joseph. Which one of these, with your favorite name, do you like?)
    Thank you!

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    I prefer Micah (pronounced MY-cuh). Micah James is very nice.
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    Definately Micah! This is pronounced MY-cuh. I know a little girl and a little boy both with the name Micah and they are pronounced MY-cuh. Great name!

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    I have never heard Micah pronounced "MEE-cuh." I've always heard it pronounced "MY-cuh." Regardless, Micah Joseph is my favorite. James in the middle spot comes across as filler and is incredibly overdone.

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    I love Micah! It's pronounced my-cuh, I have a small cousin with this name.
    My understanding is that the mee-cuh pronounciation is the feminization, spelled Mica or Mika- but I may be wrong.

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