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    Your thoughts on this alliteration?

    I am absolutely in love with the name Nora. However, the last name is one syllable and starts with N. Substitute the word "noise" if you need to. I'm worried it'll sound too tacky, I guess? I also like the similar name Cora, but...I still like Nora the best.
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    I don't think alliteration is nearly as bad as everyone else seems to think... I know a Kayla Kennedy and thin her name sounds so lovely all put together! So, I think Nora "Noise" could be really great! That being said, if it bothers you there are other ways to get to Nora, i.e. Eleanor "Noise" =)

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    I actually really like alliteration. Some of my favorite names are alliterative combos (Amy Augusta, Lane Lawson, Milena Miette, etc.). I think it sounds lyrical. Despite what others thing of alliteration, Nora N-- appeals to me.

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    I think it's fine but Eleanor, Lenore or Honora could always be used as a way to get to Nora & avoid alliteration.

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    I love alliteration! I think it sounds awesome. Nora is a beautiful names as well, I much prefer it to Cora.
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