View Poll Results: Flora, Fiona or Eilidh (prn below)

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  • Flora Ceit

    28 25.69%
  • Fiona Lilidh

    48 44.04%
  • Eilidh Grace

    33 30.28%
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    NMS = not my style
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    Love Flora ! Uncommon, pretty, classical and pronounceable!
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    I think Fiona's combination is the winner. Flora looks very Anglicanized/not-Scottish next to more traditional Mhairi. I like Eilidh, but it sounds a lot like current popular names ending in -ee (Kaylee, Haylee, Maylee, Jaylee, Miley, Kylie, Riley, Wylie), and I don't like that it shares the same ending as Mhairi (that wouldn't bother me as much if the names were longer and had more to distinguish them, but since they are only two syllables and one would be the same, they seem too similar). I think Fiona Lilidh matches Mhairi's Scottish flair and seems its own distinctive choice. Lilidh is a nice homage to your grandfather and his mother and goes prettily with Fiona. Mhairi and Fiona are gorgeous together.

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    Fiona gets my vote! Gorgeous!
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    You made this SO hard. I really, truly love all three and I think I have a renewed love for Fiona after seeing your combo. I had to vote for Fiona Lilidh, but Eilidh Grace was a very close second and Flora Ceit is a strong third (I think the spelling of Ceit is what holds me back). Good luck! I can't wait to hear what you name your soon to be here little one.
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