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  • Flora Ceit

    28 25.69%
  • Fiona Lilidh

    48 44.04%
  • Eilidh Grace

    33 30.28%
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    Eilidh is beautiful. I'd suggest combining these and naming her Eilidh Fiona.
    I don't have or want any kids. I just love names!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    @lavendyr - I actually love the connection to his church! My grandmother's MN is Grace, which is one of the reasons Grace is in my top combo, but I've been asked if I would consider an Anna name instead, and the answer's always no--while I feel they connect to her, Grace connects to her in a way that Hannah or Anna or Anneliese won't--it not only is her MN, but it ties to the faith that we both share. If your grandfather's faith/church was important to him, it might be a lovely connection!

    Are you searching for other ways to honor him? Possibly a feminization of his name (FN or MN?), his birthstone/birth flower, or a hobby? A girls' name he loved? That might be a bit less contrived than Grace, although Grace is lovely!
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    thinking about Seville, the Sagrada Família, and torrijas (Spain!):
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    Agustín Petri ▪ Andrés Benjamín ▪ Daniel Aitor ▪ Gaspar Francisco ▪ Hugo Patxi
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    Well that makes a difference Eilidh Grace really is pretty and I say meaning trumps sibset a million to one! That said, if you're open to more suggestions:

    This might be a stretch, but the December birth flower is narcissus/daffodil. I kind of think Eilidh Daffodil is really awesome. Extremely unexpected but not weird or goofy. IMO at least.

    Another thought. December's stone is turquoise, and I'll be the first to admit it's an unappealing middle. However, upon digging deeper, turquoise was chosen as the month's stone for it's color - blue. Guess what blue represents in Christianity, from most of the sources I've seen? Eternity, heaven, and Christ's eternal nature. I've even seen it described as heavenly grace With that in mind:

    Eilidh Mazarine
    Eilidh Azure
    Eilidh Blue

    Just some food for thought.
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    Thanks Ashley! His name was James Albert so no feminizations I like! Jim is my fav boys name though if we ever have a boy.
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    Thanks tk! I love the creativity. Daffodil is sweet but my husband would die. He doesn't like anything too different sadly! Going to think of the other ideas though!
    Mom to Mhairi Elizabeth (March 19, 2010) & Fiona Lilidh (Dec 21, 2012) Edgar John Robert (Feb 28, 2014)

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