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  • Flora Ceit

    28 25.69%
  • Fiona Lilidh

    48 44.04%
  • Eilidh Grace

    33 30.28%
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    I voted for Fiona Lilidh, I think it's beautiful Flora is beautiful too, but I don't love it paired with Ceit. And while Eilidh is very pretty, I think it sounds a little matchy with Mhairi.
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    I think eilidh sounds lovely but may be mocked as eyelid, which is what I initially thought it was based on spelling.

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    I actually discovered Lilidh on this site by accident. I was going through old forum posts I think looking up the name Isla and a member was named Lilidh, googled it and found it on a scottish name site as well. Thought it was such a pretty spelling but my husband doesn't like it for a first name
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    I vote Eilidh, but I'm still hanging on for Eilidh Matilda. I forget - does Grace have special significance?
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    Grace does have significance but it's a stretch!! I desperately have been wanting to honour my grandfather/his family b/c I'm due right around what would've been his 100th bday (he died 20 years ago) but he was the most important person in my whole world. Grace is the name of the church he belonged to (Grace United). Lilidh is connection to his mother was Lillian. Flora was his sister's name. So each name has some tie..but Grace is def the biggest stretch haha
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