View Poll Results: Flora, Fiona or Eilidh (prn below)

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  • Flora Ceit

    28 25.69%
  • Fiona Lilidh

    48 44.04%
  • Eilidh Grace

    33 30.28%
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    Final 3 Poll: Flora, Fiona & Eilidh

    Hopefully no one wants to kill me yet! Would love input on another poll. I love having the feedback here and am constantly revamping my top choices. For anyone who doesn't know, due December 23rd w/ baby girl #2. Have a 2.5 year old daughter Mhairi Elizabeth. Trying to find the PERFECT name for her sister and it is so difficult b/c we love the name Mhairi so much it's been tough to find a match. I hve a list of 10 or so but these are my current top 3. Obviously we love gaelic names and pronunciation is not much of an issue where we live (in Canada but a very scottish community).

    Flora Ceit (prn Kate)
    Fiona Lilidh (prn Lily)
    Elidh Grace (prn Ay-Lee)
    Mom to Mhairi Elizabeth (March 19, 2010) & Fiona Lilidh (Dec 21, 2012) Edgar John Robert (Feb 28, 2014)

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