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    Hi again!
    Short nature names:

    Herne (I love, but prefer in a middle place)
    Dov (oddly it's not dove, but bear in Hebrew)
    Baz ("falcon" Arabic)
    Hark- not a nature name, but a good word. Or Hearken..
    Firth (inlet at sea)
    Frith (peace, sanctuary, fellowship... a rather Tolkieny word)
    Garth ("garden")
    Zvi (Love this. It's Hebrew for deer. I studied ballet with a great man named Zvi.)
    Wythe (This one's on my list- means "from the willow tree" or somesuch. So it might fit nicely with your Faramir image.)
    Yves (also love) or Ywen (mine but you may snitch it) Eo, or Ivo which I think was on your old list.
    Vale and Lynx were on your old list too, yes?

    Sad to see Galileo and Melchior and Morrow gone.. and Frost... Winterson, Tiberius...


    Boreal (if you're not feeling Borealis, how about Boreal?)
    Conifer (like Connor, only better)
    Montane (cloud forest)
    Pinion (as in flight-feathers)
    Darkling (wonderful old word for "darkening," makes a few appearances in LOTR)
    Greenleaf (you get the Legolas association along with the verdant image)
    Seafrid ("sea peace")

    I like your idea of Rein, especially since it's a homonym of rain and reign. Makes me think of Reinking, as in Ann Reinking the excellent Fosse dancer. Too bad she didn't spell it Rainking. My favorite rainy name is Rainer, for Rilke. Oh Rainer just kills me!

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    Does Herne sound weird with a one syllable surname? For example Herne Ells?

    emma: I think I need to do Rainer as a middle. I'm reading Sonnets to Orpehus now... Reinking is really cool too! And I like Borealis, I apparently forgot to say so! Endymion Borealis Herne is super amazing. I like March, Frith, Zvi, Ivo, Wythe, Greenleaf, Seafrid, Darkling and Conifer (so cute!). And I do love Winterson and Tiberius and the rest you mentioned! I'm not super organized, lots of names are scribbled on post-its, in magazines, and just random pieces of paper and I can't always find them again...

    Oh, and Vale, I love that!

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    Rainier, in addition to being on my very short list for a middle next time round, would be wonderful since it's the French version of Ragnar, your grandfather's name. I would consider it strongly with each possible first.
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    It does, doesn't it? The reason I took Ragnar off my middle list is that I asked my cousins and siblings about me using it for a middle, and one of my cousins said he really wants to use it as a first if he has a boy. We are all super close (like siblings) so I decided to leave it off. But Rainier is an amazing way to honour him!

    And, Antoine and Rainier would be amazing brothers!
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    I prefer Rainer for the Rilke connection, but I must admit that Rainier has a nicer sound, and it's a lovely alternative to Ragnar!. There's the beautiful Mount Rainier... if you use the name, you two will have to make a pilgrimage.

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