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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    Hi Ottilie! Are you wanting specific imagery for each name like with the girls?
    Ooh, you clever girl, yes I do!

    Endymion - North westerns parts of Norway in winter, northern lights and snow.
    Faramir - Spring. Meadows with river twisting and turning between. Willow trees.
    Gawain - Wild forest in autumn, all the beautiful colours. Foxes, owls and other night creatures.
    Herne - I imagine him in the Forest of Dean, big beautiful trees, lush forest floor, at night. A hunter (obviously).
    Orpheus - late summer, open woodland... and the myth of Orpheus (the good parts).

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    Oooh, dantea look at what you did! Thanks so much for all that work, and those sweet words. And you know a Hyperion Isidore? That's amazing!

    I love:
    Endymion Cambell Isidore, Endymion Elessar Marinell, Endymion Marinell Strider
    Faramir Aldaron Strider (but too much Tolkien, I agree), Faramir Cambell Westenesse, Faramir Guyon Lohengrin
    Gawain Alaric Snowdon, Gawain Cambell Eldarion
    Herne Eldarion Artegal, Herne Lohengrin Aldaron
    Orpheus Lohengrin Haldir, Orpehus Eldarion Haldir, Orpheus Marinell Strider.

    I agree that Herne is a tad difficult, but you made some lovely ones. And basically every combo with Marinell in them works. That name is magical.

    I also like your suggestion of Percival, Meriadoc, Théoden and Zephyrus.

    scarlettrobin: Thank you! I love the Alaric combos, that name sounds good with anything I think!

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    I'm at work so just a quick hello- I'll be back. Just wanted to say that I love Herne! I thought it was pronounced Hernee, but then I looked him up. As an Aries myself, I love the idea of using the name of this "ragg'd horned" spirit of the forest for your late-March baby! Some kind of antlered or horned animal should be worked into his name! Besides Herne, which is lovely, how about:
    Elkin (Like Elk. It's Hebrew I believe, not sure of exact meaning) or just Elk.
    Agni (Vedic god of fire, who rides a ram)
    Agneau ("ahn-YO" -French for lamb- appropriate for a near-Easter Aries babe)
    Karkadann (Arabic for unicorn!?!)
    Qilin (or Kirin) I saw wonderful big sculptures of these critters at the Summer Palace in China. They're kind of like luck-dragons, with horns, hooves, scales.

    And since you want Northern Lights imagery with Endymion..
    Endymion Borealis Herne, Endymion Borealis Hart, Endymion Borealis Elkin...

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    Ok first off, I love your crush on Sean Bean. That is so adorable and I think it makes Boromir even that much more usable.
    Your list is starting to take a left turn at mythology and heading smack into the middle of Tolkein-land... NOT that that is a bad thing.
    I fully support the addition of both Boromir and Meriadoc. I'm going to try to come up with a few that sound quite different from each other to hopefully spark the imagery you're looking for. Also, my suggestions are about to essentially drip with bias, sorry. =]

    Endymion - it's just so beautiful and still my favorite fn choice. I can't even decide which of these pairings I like best...(?)
    Endymion Lorengel Westernesse, Endymion Hylas Marinell, Endymion Alaric Winter

    Faramir - also really amazing and gives me such a sweet image. Not my all-time fave character, but one of the best LOTR names.
    Faramir Celadon Marinell, Faramir Remiel Snowdon, Faramir Alaric Evergreen

    Gawain - This has become the toughest name for me to work with, I don't anything that I came up with was very inspirational.

    Herne - This wasn't previously my favorite choice but I am finding a lot of combos that I love with it! (Also I can only reference the Forest of Dean because of Hermione, haha). Herne Aldaron Strider, Herne Vasiliy Lorien, Herne Boromir Lorengel

    Orpheus - I really do love this, but I can't make myself stop seeing him as a perfect younger brother for Endymion. That being said...
    Orpheus Haldir Frost, Orpheus Meriadoc Aldaron, Orpheus Marinell Alaric

    Alaric (I agree that Alaric sounds good with everything. I have such a weakness for this name!)
    Aldaron ("lord of the trees" Well that is just awesome. Have you considered giving a boy like 10 middle names? haha)
    Hylas (I am really loving this as a mn choice, it has a great sound next to most of your firsts)
    Lorengel (another bias, I adore this name. I want to put it with everything)
    Marinell (Where has this been!?? Such a great name and another that seems to go with everything!)
    Remiel (You know how much I love Orion, but this is starting to seem like a better middle. They give me the same vibe, idk)
    Strider (LOTR light, but still incredibly amazing. I can't get Viggo's swoon-worthy voice out of my head when I hear it now)
    Westernesse (Absolutely love it/I really want to find a way to use this because it is so strong and complete imo)
    Winter (I'm bringing it back, haha. Love Winter paired with Alaric. I also really like Frost but find it fits in less easily)
    Meriadoc (If I could use this, I would do it in a heartbeat! I hereby counter your Sean Bean crush with my weird and less-warranted Dominic Monaghan obsession haha. The extent of my holiday decorations say "Merry" all over them with no mention of xmas LOL).

    Well I have been here a long while... There is far too much fun to be had! I'll check back later tonight. Let me know what you think!

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    emma: you're amazing!!! Karkadann is so cool, and it means unicorn! Elkin sounds too much like Elgin, a mean man in my favourite book. Qilin/Kirin I like! I love those luck dragons. And Hart is gorgeous. I was thinking of using Rein (deer in norwegian).

    amydomsmom: yeah, I'm taking a turn. We watched the movies a little while ago and then i read the books again, and The Lost Tales, and names popped up! I do love Sean Bean... so so gorgeous. (And don't get me started on Viggo, he's so dashing...) OK, enough talk about hot men.
    Orpheus is very much a little brother to endymion for me too, but it might be my favourite name. Orpheus Marinell Alaric is gorgeous.
    Herne Boromir Lorengel, Herne Strider Aldaron, Faramir Remiel Snowdon, Endymion Lorengel Westernesse and Endymion Hylas Marinell thank you very much!

    I love your Dominic Monaghan obsession, cute! I can hear Merry Merry singing in my head now. Meriadoc is a great character, a perfect balance of smart, wit and serious.

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